Balèn Terla, the app to promote whale watching from the coast

observation des baleines A La Reunion

Interested in whale watching without disrupting their natural habitats and behaviors? Globice Réunion and Wild Immersion have just unveiled Balèn Terla, a pioneering mobile application. Supported by the Reunion public collectivity, this innovative tool allows users to experience the thrill of whale observation from the coast, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to marine wildlife […]

Empowering Children with Autism: The Floreo Initiative

Floreo and wild immersion

Floreo, an innovative organization, has made significant strides in supporting children with autism. Through a unique combination of technology and immersive experiences, Floreo aims to enhance learning and engagement for children in the United States. Floreo’s Innovative Use of Virtual Reality At the heart of Floreo’s mission lies their innovative use of virtual reality technology […]

Enhancing Elderly Well-being with VR in Aged Care

Old man with VR headset. Wild Immersion for Elderly

Have you ever pictured the joy VR brings to elderly care residents? The once far-fetched idea is now a reality. The innovative collaboration between Wild Immersion and SilVR Adventures is transforming aged care facilities in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.   As a Business Developer at Wild Immersion, I am excited to see our partnership […]

Transforming Conservation Education:  The Impact of Immersive Technologies

We’re thrilled to unveil our very first Wild Book: Transforming Conservation Education:  The Impact of Immersive Technologies made by our dear team-member Camille. With her 4-year experience at Wild Immersion she created this captivating read. It features a unique blend of insightful content on technology, biodiversity, and conservation. Discover how VR and AR are transforming visitor experiences in […]

Pioneering environmental education with Cap sciences

Cap science and Wild Immersion

Explore the World of Cap Sciences in Bordeaux Cap Sciences, nestled in the heart of Bordeaux, is a cultural and scientific hub dedicated to introducing the general public to the wonders of science. With its engaging exhibitions and educational workshops, this center provides enriching experiences for visitors of all ages, making it a key destination […]

Jane Goodall and Wild Immersion: A Cinematic Collaboration for Nature

Jane Goodall with Wild Immersion

As we celebrate Jane Goodall‘s 90th birthday, we pay tribute to her revolutionary work and her partnership with Wild Immersion.   Who is Jane Goodall? Jane Goodall shines as a star in the field of primatology, enlightening our understanding of the intimate connections between humans and animals. Since her spectacular beginnings in 1960 in the […]

Innovative experiences at The Sudeley Castle

VR attraction with Wild Immersion in Sudeley Castle

Located in the scenic Cotswolds of England, Sudeley Castle is more than a historical landmark; it’s at the forefront of educational and environmental innovation. Starting in 2023, the castle has been collaborating with Wild Immersion and our innovative experiences to enhance its dedication to history, education, and conservation. About Sudeley Castle Sudeley Castle boasts ten […]

An Immersive Dive into the Heart of Wildlife with BayaM

Bayam, experience 360 avec Wild Immersion

Maestro, the famous white-bearded scholar and host of the “Once Upon a Time…” series, is now on BayaM with a new collection of 360° documentaries! This series allows viewers to discover wild animals from every angle by moving their tablet or phone through space. Camille Mougenot, project manager at Wild Immersion, the company behind this […]

UNAM : Virtual Immersion in Nature

Pavillon de l'UNAM. Museum with VR, AR, drawings. Experiences

Ready for a Virtual immersion in Nature ? “Wild Immersion” is an immersive and interactive exhibition that raises visitors’ awareness about the protection of biodiversity. This 45-minute experience at the UNIVERSUM Museum of UNAM, or the National Autonomous University of Mexico—one of the most important and recognized universities in Mexico and Latin America—takes you on […]

La Barben Zoo: Our exciting new Partnership !

kid with VR headset. outside.

As one of France’s cherished animal parks, La Barben is dedicated to fostering a deep connection between its visitors and the wonders of the natural world. In 2024, Wild Immersion is honored to announce its partnership with La Barben, bringing the beauty of untouched ecosystems right to the audience through immersive experiences and applications.  This […]