DR Jane and the chimpanzees

In this 360° documentary experience, enter the majestic forest of Gombe in western Tanzania. Follow in the footsteps of the world-renowned ethologist, Dr. Jane Goodall, as she set out on her pioneering journey to study chimpanzees in 1960. Learn about chimpanzee tool use, social habits, and individual characters – and how Dr. Goodall’s early discoveries changed the way the world viewed animals and humans.

Young & Wild

Meet the most endearing wildlife you’ll ever see: playful and curious animals such as baby turtles, fawns, koalas and even a cute pangolin. A journey into an adorable but vulnerable environment.


Have you always dreamed of traveling around the world? Go across the five continents and discover the endemic fauna of each part of the world! Explore the planet: hot and cold lands, savannahs, jungles, or oceans.


In Equinox, travel among trees dressed in red, ocher and orange, while owls, squirrels and wolves prepare for winter. In Solstice, snowfalls cover the landscape where wonderful creatures are living.


Embark on a memorable journey to meet humans’ closest relatives: the mountain gorillas of the impenetrable Bwindi Forest, the orangutans of the Sumatran jungle and the chimpanzees of the Gombe National Park where Dr. Jane Goodall led her pioneering research.


Colorful birds, capuchin monkeys, iguanas, and many more amazing species: admire one of the richest biodiversity on earth. Beautiful and various landscapes await you such as the Mayan city of Mayapan and the Sonoran Desert.


In this virtual reality exploration of Central American wildlife, discover the richness of the biodiversity in this region. Pelicans, crocodiles, sloths, and even sea turtles – describing the behavior of these species and their role in the ecosystem underscores the importance of preserving these animals for future generations.


Dive into the sea and watch colorful tropical fishes, peaceful sea turtles, impressive sharks, and various species of whales. A sight to behold but also a habitat threatened with extinction.


Viewers find themselves hanging over a frozen lake and a herd of elk. Suddenly, a gigantic aurora borealis lights up the starry sky. Frozen lands and polar regions are home to many animal species directly threatened by climate change.


A trip into the earth’s warm lands such as the African savannah and its endless horizon, and the luxurious Colombian tropical forests. Meet majestic species and admire them up close !


Come discover the unstoppable march of evolution through the incredible abilities that some of our planet’s most wonderful species have developed since the dawn of time.


Kirra, a young girl of about 12, is the narrator of the film.
This young explorer from Tasmania loves nature, she roams the forests day and night in search of wild animals.
Kirra has heard about a very particular species that can only be found in Singapore: the Sunda pangolin. The description of this animal triggers her curiosity and incites her to go on a trip to meet this animal that seems to be a relic of evolution.


In this 360 experience, discover how the European wildlife lives in one of the regions most marked by human activities. Lynx, bear, wolf and deer: after centuries of decline, the comeback of these large mammals and predators brings hope for the living world. From the conservation of species to the rewilding of an entire continent, Europe is now at a crossroads.


Rare are the places that remain wild in Europe, but Serbia counts among them. This virtual journey will take you across grandiose landscapes to meet majestic creatures. An immersive and educative movie to discover this country’s biodiversity, its importance for the European continent and why it is imperative to protect it.


Dive into the heart of the Amazon rainforest and discover its rich diversity of animal species. Travel through luxurious landscapes, meet astonishing creatures and learn more about them and the threats they are facing.


A journey through the eastern world’s various landscapes and climates. Be welcomed by a family of gray langurs from Sri Lanka and have a break with a pair of Indian cobras before you get teleported to Australia to meet its endearing wildlife.


Never had a chance to go on a safari? The African savannah comes to you. Learn more about its most iconic species and watch them up close.


This immersive adventure takes us to the Masai Mara parks in Kenya and the Serengeti in Tanzania for a breathtaking spectacle in the heart of the savannah. In these vast grassy plains, follow the trail of herds of herbivores and their predators during seasonal migrations, and discover the essential dynamics that animate these precious ecosystems, now under threat.


Not all animals experience winter. Only those in temperate and polar regions go through such a season every year. In this 360° episode, discover how species have adapted to the onset of intense cold each year. Strategies and adaptations that are now being disrupted, as winter takes the forefront in the face of the effects of climate change.


Nicknamed the “Savage Mountain” due to the difficulty of its ascent, K2, the peak of the Karakoram Range and the second-highest summit in the world after Everest, reaches an altitude of 8,611 metres. In mountaineering, the “Savage Mountain” is renowned as one of the most challenging and demanding climbs. Wild Immersion takes you into the heart of an adventure with the explorer Mike Horn during the legendary ascent of K2. Through immersive footage, experience the ascent moments, at the core of an expedition to the second-highest peak in the world.

Alexia and the Ocean

Discover the life of the ocean, the blue lungs of the planet, as our favorite navigator, Alexia Barrier, puts it. With her, learn to love marine species to better protect them.

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