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Pavillon de l'UNAM. Museum with VR, AR, drawings. Experiences
The UNIVERSUM Museum of UNAM: A Pavilion to raise awareness about biodiversity

“Wild Immersion” is an immersive and interactive exhibition that raises visitors’ awareness about the protection of biodiversity. This...

kid with VR headset. outside.
La Barben Zoo: Our exciting new Partnership !

As one of France’s cherished animal parks, La Barben is dedicated to fostering a deep connection between its...

Heron in the water
Capturing Nature in 360 Degrees: The Wild Immersion Initiative

Wild Immersion has been entrusted with a significant task in enhancing environmental awareness in the Charente region. Blanche...

ants on a tree
Tiny Titans: Why insects aren’t so small after All ?

In the natural world, there are countless fascinating creatures, but among them, insects form an extraordinary group that...

visiteurs du zoo du Belize
Belize Zoo: A Virtual Odyssey

Wild Immersion proudly announces its partnership with the Belize Zoo, acclaimed as the world’s most beautiful mini zoo....