On the occasion of the United States’ Independence Day, July 4th, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new web-app, designed and developed by our team. This app will serve as an interactive game allowing visitors in five major American cities to follow the Great Elephant Migration. By participating in this treasure hunt, visitors will learn […]

Transforming Conservation Education:  The Impact of Immersive Technologies

We’re thrilled to unveil our very first Wild Book: Transforming Conservation Education:  The Impact of Immersive Technologies made by our dear team-member Camille. With her 4-year experience at Wild Immersion she created this captivating read. It features a unique blend of insightful content on technology, biodiversity, and conservation. Discover how VR and AR are transforming visitor experiences in […]

Capturing Nature in 360 Degrees: The Wild Immersion Initiative

Heron in the water

Wild Immersion has been entrusted with a significant task in enhancing environmental awareness in the Charente region. Blanche Denis, our artistic director, ventured into a nature reserve on January 25, 2024, to conduct a training session on the use of 360-degree cameras for the team responsible for its conservation. This initiative marks the beginning of […]