Wild Immersion is a French company based in Paris whose aim is to raise public awareness of environmental issues.

Closest to the wild world

Education. Entertainment. Health.

Embark on a virtual adventure to the wilderness from your seat. Delve into the ocean’s depths or share a unique moment with rare species through our 360° productions.

360° documentaries with different targets (families, schools, kids with disabilities, corporates, seniors…) AR modeling Online quizzes  Interactivity via scenography Narrations with voice-over  Podcasts  Application…

Our films

Our virtual reality films are designed to transport you into the heart of nature, which is often otherwise out of reach. You’ll encounter unfamiliar species and have the opportunity to appreciate the significance of their conservation.


We collaborate with explorers, scientists, and ethologists who share the same mission as us. Together, we convey a message to make it heard more widely. Nature has much to say, and we must protect it. Follow in the footsteps of these nature advocates through our virtual reality films.

The virtual experience

“The children were spinning around and looking up, down, left, and right at the VR experience. They were also reaching out to touch and feel it. They were so immersed that they were disappointed when it ended.”

Seoul Children’s Museum, South Korea