Empowering Children with Autism: The Floreo Initiative

Floreo and wild immersion

Floreo, an innovative organization, has made significant strides in supporting children with autism. Through a unique combination of technology and immersive experiences, Floreo aims to enhance learning and engagement for children in the United States.

Floreo’s Innovative Use of Virtual Reality

At the heart of Floreo’s mission lies their innovative use of virtual reality technology to enhance education for children with autism. They utilize specially adapted content from the Wild Immersion catalog, including the Flyover, Discover, and Wild Facts formats. Floreo is currently conducting clinical studies to validate the effectiveness of their lessons in improving learning outcomes for autistic children. These demonstrations aim to assess the relevance and impact of long-form content in their VR lessons.

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Project Overview

Floreo’s main project involves delivering lessons to pre-verbal and non-verbal autistic children. By leveraging the captivating visuals and educational content of Wild Immersion, Floreo provides immersive learning experiences centered around nature. Designers carefully create these lessons to meet the unique needs of children on the autism spectrum.

“Thank you for the new information lessons on the iguana and koala. My non/pre verbal learner loves them, especially the iguana one. He now walks around saying “iguana iguana”. 


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A Closer Look at Floreo’s Approach

The collaboration between Floreo and Wild Immersion marks a revolutionary approach to autism intervention. By incorporating Wild Facts into Floreo’s lessons, the program not only engages children but also provides them with valuable educational content. This innovative blend of technology and education has the potential to revolutionize how we think about learning for autistic children.



“She told me that while she was setting things up the other day, her daughter came into the room and wanted to try things out. She tried one of the Communicative Eye Gaze lessons and Snowy Landscapes and she was surprised at how verbal her daughter became during Snowy Landscapes — her husband and son came running into the room when they heard her talking because they wanted to see what the catalyst was.”


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Future Prospects

As Floreo continues to refine its methods and expand its reach, the future holds great promise for autistic children. By harnessing the power of immersive technology and educational content, Floreo is paving the way for more inclusive and effective learning experiences. With ongoing evaluations and progress, Floreo is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of autistic children and their families.

As they continue to push boundaries and break down barriers, Floreo remains at the forefront of autism intervention, offering hope and opportunities to children and families around the world.

We are incredibly proud to collaborate with Floreo in bringing joy and enriching educational experiences to autistic children.

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Wild Immersion


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