Innovative experiences at The Sudeley Castle

VR attraction with Wild Immersion in Sudeley Castle

Located in the scenic Cotswolds of England, Sudeley Castle is more than a historical landmark; it’s at the forefront of educational and environmental innovation. Starting in 2023, the castle has been collaborating with Wild Immersion and our innovative experiences to enhance its dedication to history, education, and conservation.

About Sudeley Castle

Sudeley Castle boasts ten award-winning gardens and a storied past filled with royalty, making it much more than just a castle. It serves as a vibrant relic of British history and distinguishes itself not only through its stunning architecture and gardens but also through its commitment to contemporary conservation efforts.

Wild Immersion and CoExistence

Cohexistance Elephant family project
picture by Mikal Ludlow Photography

AR Quest: Travel Through Nature

“Travel Through Nature” is a free augmented reality (AR) trail in the castle gardens. Visitors use smartphones to solve interactive puzzles and virtually meet species once native to the area. This educational tool uses AR technology to teach about local wildlife and history, promoting environmental awareness engagingly. Try this must-have innovative experience.

Immersive Movies and AR , our innovative experiences.

Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe is embracing the 21st century as they unveil their newest attraction. A VR attraction has opend by its main entrance to complement the Animal Ark that opened earlier this year. Picture by Mikal Ludlow Photography Tel; 07855177205 10-8-23

Experience the Animal Ark, the newest VR feature at Sudeley Castle. Put on a VR headset and embark on a global safari without leaving the Cotswolds. This engaging experience lets you interact up-close with elephants, swim with sharks, and fly alongside flamingos in the castle’s beautiful gardens. It complements the AR trail, offering a deeper dive into the estate’s ecological and historical stories, enhancing visitor experiences. This 20-minute journey is open to guests aged five and older and costs £8, or £5 with a castle entry ticket. Reserve your tickets today:

The partnership between Sudeley Castle and The Elephant Family highlights how historical institutions can enhance modern education and conservation with AR and VR technologies. By merging heritage with modern technology, Sudeley Castle both preserves and revitalizes its history. This approach keeps the castle relevant and engaging for today’s audiences. This collaboration demonstrates how embracing the future can honor the past, setting a benchmark for other historic sites.

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