La Barben Zoo: Our exciting new Partnership !

kid with VR headset. outside.
Nestled in the picturesque landscapes near Salon-de-Provence, La Barben Zoo is more than just a home to diverse wildlife; it’s a sanctuary where nature and conservation efforts converge to offer a unique educational and immersive experience. 

As one of France’s cherished animal parks, La Barben is dedicated to fostering a deep connection between its visitors and the wonders of the natural world.

In 2024, Wild Immersion is honored to announce its partnership with La Barben, bringing the beauty of untouched ecosystems right to the audience through immersive experiences and applications. 

This partnership marks a significant step forward in how we interact with and understand our environment, bridging innovative technology with traditional conservation efforts.


Revolutionizing visitor experiences

Through this collaboration, La Barben Zoo is set to transform how visitors experience wildlife without the need for travel or disruption to natural habitats. 

Each year, for at least the next two years, visitors will have the opportunity to explore four meticulously crafted VR films and experiences:

  • Facing Winter: A long-form narrative that brings the stark beauty and survival challenges of winter landscapes to life.
  • The Savannah Cycle: : Experience the dynamic and intricate ecosystems of the savannah.
  • Oceans and Reefs: Dive into the vibrant world beneath the waves in stunning coral reef settings.
  • Asia Oceania: Journey through the diverse and rich habitats of Asia and Oceania.

Additionally, shorter experiences such as ‘Expedition in the Rainforest “’ and “Rewilding Europe”’ provide focused insights into specific environmental themes and conservation efforts.


Engaging the next generation with INTERACTIVE DRAWING


Interactive Drawings. Educational Tool for zoo and Museum. Kids experiences.
Interactive Drawings. Educational Tool for zoo and Museum. Kids experiences.

Another innovative aspect of our partnership is the INTERACTIVE DRAWINGS, which allows younger visitors to engage creatively with nature. Through this experience, children can draw their favorite animals, which are then brought to life through augmented reality, adding a dynamic and interactive layer to their learning experience.


A transformative approach for zoos worldwide

The success we’ve witnessed at La Barben Zoo with our virtual reality experiences highlights a transformative approach for zoos globally. By integrating advanced educational tools like virtual reality, these institutions can significantly boost visitor engagement and deepen their understanding of conservation challenges. 

This technology immerses guests in nature in a way that is intimate and barrier-free, making the message of conservation both impactful and accessible. Our experience at La Barben has shown that when visitors are truly touched by what they encounter, their dedication to conservation efforts intensifies.


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