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Ready for a Virtual immersion in Nature ?

“Wild Immersion” is an immersive and interactive exhibition that raises visitors’ awareness about the protection of biodiversity. This 45-minute experience at the UNIVERSUM Museum of UNAM, or the National Autonomous University of Mexico—one of the most important and recognized universities in Mexico and Latin America—takes you on an up-close and personal journey with the planet’s ecosystems.


Jeune fille qui présente nos films de réalité virtuelle au museum de l'UNAM à MEXICO


First Steps in the Pavilion

Visitors are welcomed by staff members in the main hall who are trained in biodiversity topics. The dedicated operator starts a discussion on biodiversity and the challenges of its conservation. This exchange session sets the stage for the upcoming experience.

Safety instructions are also reiterated to prevent any mishaps.


Introduction film

After the keynote, visitors watch the screening of the film “The Story of Life.” This brief 3-minute sequence flies over the world’s ecosystems before the immersion.


a part of our introduction film. VR Experiences



Next, the staff sets up virtual reality goggles for each participant. Through their tablet, the operator plays the 13-minute film related to the current topic. Participants sit on stools to enhance the immersion and the 360° views.

The experience started with 20 virtual reality goggles, later increased to 30 due to the success of the experiment.

Discover our VR movies for a virtual immersion in nature


Man wearing VR headset


INTERACTIVE DRAWINGS : The virtual coloring workshop

Visitors are invited to enjoy the virtual coloring workshop located on the upper floor. They color models of animals using markers placed on the tables and scan them to project onto a virtual ecosystem. The scanned animal appears with the colors preserved and interacts with its peers.

Afterward, children can take their drawing home and learn more with information on the back of the sheet.


interactive Drawings. innovative tool. workshop. kids experiences


Interactive set design

An interactive set design enhances the entire experience. Educational workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about ecosystems and their fragility. Visitors can use their phones to visit our Wild Explorer biodiversity atlas and learn about species that inhabit territories around the world.



Expanding the Experience

As visitors near the end of the experience, they have the opportunity to embark on an augmented reality treasure hunt within the Museum*. The goal is to find animal markers and scan them with their phone to see a 3D model and an associated quiz.


Thank you to the 40,000 visitors who have lived this experience since its opening in April 2023!

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