Experiment Nature


We provide a wide range of educational and innovative experiences featuring our original wildlife content designed to introduce the wonders of the natural world to people of all ages. For this, we use new technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

We are Nature lovers!

Our 360° VR Films

Our virtual reality films are designed to transport you into the heart of nature, which is often otherwise out of reach. You’ll encounter unfamiliar species and have the opportunity to appreciate the significance of their conservation.

We are proud to be the leaders in 360° wildlife documentaries, boasting the world’s largest catalog! Our filmmakers, stationed around the globe, capture the essence of nature without ever disturbing it. Our VR film library features over 200 species from around the world—come discover them quickly!

About us

Our promise

Create emotions

Stimulate the curiosity of a family audience through experiences that invite them to become fully aware of their link with nature through contemplation, emotion and education.

Our vision

Experiment Nature

We need new narratives on biodiversity that highlight its profoundly positive dimension in order to reach a wider public and raise awareness of these issues.

Our misson

Inspire the future

The biodiversity crisis stems from our fractured connection with nature. While often linked to concerns, this concept actually reflects a lesser-known positive reality: the numerous connections between us and the broader web of life


We protect what we love and we love what we know.

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