Balèn Terla, the app to promote whale watching from the coast

observation des baleines A La Reunion

Interested in whale watching without disrupting their natural habitats and behaviors?

Globice Réunion and Wild Immersion have just unveiled Balèn Terla, a pioneering mobile application. Supported by the Reunion public collectivity, this innovative tool allows users to experience the thrill of whale observation from the coast, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to marine wildlife tourism. 

Globice: Leading whales Observation in the Réunion Island


Globice is renowned for its dedication to the study and conservation of cetaceans, developing respectful observation methods. The NGO protects humpback whales among other species, offering research and outreach programs that encourage disturbance-free cetacean observation, particularly from the shoreline. This approach allows the public to appreciate these marine mammals without affecting their natural behaviors.



Wild Immersion: Leveraging Immersive Technology for Animal Observation

Wild Immersion commits to creating immersive experiences. These experiences deeply connect participants with nature. Their goal is to rekindle the human-nature bond and promote conservation awareness. The first virtual natural reserve in the world, Wild Immersion plans to use the proceeds from its experiences to fund conservation projects through its endowment fund, “Wild Angels.” The development of the Balèn Terla app represents a significant advance towards creating protected wildlife habitats.



Balèn Terla: A Groundbreaking Mobile App for Responsible Whales Observation

Developed in collaboration with Globice, Balèn Terla is a platform that enables responsible whales observation. It allows to:

  • Identify prime observation spots and walk to them using geolocation and Google Maps integration.
  • Register your observation of whales around the coast, and see what other users have observed today
  • Become part of a community of marine conservation enthusiasts and researchers.
  • Enhance communication between observers and scientists.
  • Discover the variety of species inhabiting the Reunion  Island.
  • Preserve the life and migration of species. 



Download Balèn Terla

Download the Balèn Terla app today on Apple Store or Google play store to begin your journey as a citizen scientist! Let’s work together to further cetacean conservation and enrich our understanding of these remarkable creatures. Join a dynamic community of enthusiasts and contribute actively to marine biodiversity protection in the Réunion Island. Or scan the QR code : 



Institutional Support and Partnerships

Balèn Terla benefits from financial support from the Prefecture of the Réunion Island, through the Green Fund initiative, aimed at encouraging ecological transition in territories. The maintenance and operational costs of the app, ensuring its sustainability, are covered through a partnership with two 100% Réunion-based companies: Fibres and the Wood Hotel****.

Balèn Terla serves as a valuable tool for regional engagement, supported by the Regional Tourism Institute, the Réunion Tourism Federation, the Tourism Offices of CIVIS, the West Tourism Office, and Kar Ouest. The communication agency Facto in Saint-Denis contributes to the promotion of the app.

Overall, the Balèn Terla project shows how technology, community engagement, and conservation can combine. Together, they enrich our interactions with nature and protect its most vulnerable inhabitants.

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