Balèn Terla, the app to promote whale watching from the coast

observation des baleines A La Reunion

Interested in whale watching without disrupting their natural habitats and behaviors? Globice Réunion and Wild Immersion have just unveiled Balèn Terla, a pioneering mobile application. Supported by the Reunion public collectivity, this innovative tool allows users to experience the thrill of whale observation from the coast, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to marine wildlife […]

Jane Goodall and Wild Immersion: A Cinematic Collaboration for Nature

Jane Goodall with Wild Immersion

As we celebrate Jane Goodall‘s 90th birthday, we pay tribute to her revolutionary work and her partnership with Wild Immersion.   Who is Jane Goodall? Jane Goodall shines as a star in the field of primatology, enlightening our understanding of the intimate connections between humans and animals. Since her spectacular beginnings in 1960 in the […]

Tiny Titans: Why insects aren’t so small after All ?

ants on a tree

In the natural world, there are countless fascinating creatures, but among them, insects form an extraordinary group that is often underestimated. They are commonly perceived as tiny creatures, but in reality, they are far from being small. Insects are, in fact, impressive “Tiny Titans.” In this article, we will explore why insects don’t deserve to […]