Jane Goodall and Wild Immersion: A Cinematic Collaboration for Nature

Jane Goodall with Wild Immersion

As we celebrate Jane Goodall‘s 90th birthday, we pay tribute to her revolutionary work and her partnership with Wild Immersion.


Who is Jane Goodall?

Jane Goodall shines as a star in the field of primatology, enlightening our understanding of the intimate connections between humans and animals. Since her spectacular beginnings in 1960 in the lush forests of Gombe, Tanzania, this British pioneer has captivated the world with her fascinating observations. She discovered that chimpanzees use tools and exhibit complex emotions, just like us! Her unwavering love for wildlife and her relentless fight for conservation continue to ignite the flame of commitment among people of all ages around the globe.


Wild Immersion and Jane Goodall, a 360° Collaboration

The partnership between Jane Goodall and Wild Immersion has enabled the creation of a 360° immersive cinematic experience. Our project, “Dr. Jane and the Chimpanzees”, continues to convey Jane Goodall’s knowledge to audiences of all ages, raising awareness about the protection of the natural environment of chimpanzees in a fun and engaging way. The 360° film allows viewers to literally dive into the Gombe forest, closely following Jane Goodall’s pioneering work with the chimpanzees, providing an educational and inspiring experience of a completely new kind.


Dr. Jane and the Chimpanzees: Synopsis 

“Dr. Jane and the Chimpanzees”, directed by Raphaël Aupy, is a 14-minute 360° and 4K documentary that immerses viewers in the majestic forest of Gombe in Western Tanzania. The film follows Dr. Jane Goodall in her initial studies of chimpanzees, exploring their tool use, social habits, and unique personalities. Jane’s findings have not only revolutionized the way we view animals but have also laid the groundwork for decades of primatological research.


Discover the Film

At Cap Science

Cap Science, VR Expereince. Wild Immersion. Jane Goodall

The film is currently available at CAP Sciences, a scientific culture center based in Bordeaux, France. Visitors can explore the film in an interactive and educational setting, perfect for families and educators looking to gain a deeper understanding of conservation and primatology.

How to get a glimpse at the film? 

For those unable to travel to Bordeaux, “Dr. Jane and the Chimpanzees” is also accessible via our website. For more information or to arrange a private screening, it’s here

We hope that “Dr. Jane and the Chimpanzees” inspires as many people as possible to become aware of the importance of conservation and to take action to protect our planet. Join us for an experience that transforms the perception of the natural world and encourages the preservation of our precious biodiversity.

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