Pioneering environmental education with Cap sciences

Cap science and Wild Immersion

Explore the World of Cap Sciences in Bordeaux

Cap Sciences, nestled in the heart of Bordeaux, is a cultural and scientific hub dedicated to introducing the general public to the wonders of science. With its engaging exhibitions and educational workshops, this center provides enriching experiences for visitors of all ages, making it a key destination for families and schools passionate about advancing science and technology. This is why you can now discover VR movies there !

Wild Immersion

An Innovative Partnership with Wild Immersion

Since 2018, Cap Sciences and Wild Immersion have worked together to create innovative educational tools that boost biodiversity awareness. This partnership annually features five VR movies during school holidays. These films employ virtual reality technology to transport viewers into extraordinary natural habitats worldwide, allowing for complete immersion without leaving Bordeaux.


Spotlight on the VR movie : Dr. Jane Goodall and the Chimpanzees

Discover a film at Cap Sciences showcasing Dr. Jane Goodall and the chimpanzees, offering an immersive 360° experience. This unique perspective honors Jane Goodall, a globally renowned primatologist.

The film is more than a technological marvel; it’s a powerful educational tool that underscores the importance of conserving endangered species and their habitats.

Each VR movie in our partnership is a learning opportunity, underscoring Cap Sciences’ commitment to biodiversity preservation. Wild Immersion’s films do more than entertain; they inspire and provide crucial educational resources for visitors.


Customized Experiences that Enhance Exhibitions

For the winter holidays of 2024, Cap Sciences introduced “Mini-Monstres,” an exhibition focused on the intriguing world of insects. This experience was further enriched with a captivating 360° film showcasing insects, expertly crafted by Wild Immersion.

By exploring the exhibition and viewing the VR movies, guests could dive deep into the insect world, gaining a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of these often-misunderstood but essential creatures to our ecosystems.

Visit Cap Sciences in Bordeaux for an educational adventure that’s truly unforgettable. Allow yourself to be transported into the wild and discover the marvels of nature through the eyes of its inhabitants. 

exposition Mini-montre. Cap sciences Bordeaux

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